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Quapaw House upholds agreement with Little Fir Cemetery


LITTLE FIR – Members of the Little Fir Cemetery Board of Directors would like to thank Quapaw House for mowing and cleaning up around the Little Fir Cemetery.
A crew from Quapaw House made their way to the cemetery last Thursday, September 5. Ann Frazier, a board member for the cemetery, lives next to the cemetery. She stated that they were there early Thursday morning to begin work.
It took several hours for a single worker to mow and trim the grass. A van filled with volunteers arrived later in the day to rake grass and leaves and pick up limbs.
The Little Fir Cemetery Board had tried several times to get Quapaw House to mow the cemetery since the last court appearance in 2014. An article sharing their plight ran in the August 29 issue of the Montgomery County News.
Frazier stated that she was thankful that they came out and mowed the cemetery and hopes family and friends who have loved ones will come visit again.
The cemetery is a community cemetery that also includes remains and markers moved from the Buckville and Cedar Glades cemeteries. They were moved when the area was flooded to create Lake Ouachita.
Little Fir Cemetery is located just off Highway 188 in Little Fir Subdivision.