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Mount Ida PTO flocking the town pink

Mayor Jo Childress and the Mount Ida Civic Center were flocked Monday as part of a fundraiser for the Mount Ida PTO. - Photo by Dewayne Holloway

Mayor Jo Childress and the crew at the Mount Ida Civic Center have been “Flocked!” A flurry of pink flamingos can be seen out front of the civic center and the Mayor’s house thanks to a friend and the Mount Ida PTO.
Pink flamingo flocking has become a popular fundraiser and the Mount Ida PTO has joined the fray with a flock of their own. The flamingos will nest in your yard from two to four days, or you can help the PTO with a donation to have them removed. A $15 donation will be enough to have a trained flock technician to remove the furry fiends. A $20 donation will include relocation to a friend’s property. If you have had all the pink poultry you can stand then you can pay $30 for flocking insurance which will protect you from future flockings.
If you are unable to donate at this time just let the Mount Ida PTO know and they will remove the flock at no cost.
To arrange a flocking, flocking removal, or to purchase flocking insurance please contact your local flamingo flocking technicians Brandy Bradford, (870) 867-7467, or Lisha Taylor, (870) 490-2348. All donations support the Mount Ida PTO and its work for students in the Mount Ida School District.